It’s easy to love fireplaces. They are the centerpieces of ambiance in our homes, and they warm our toes and our hearts too. But because they are self-contained and so easy to use, it’s possible to forget they produce fire and can get very hot – so an occasional safety reminder is important, especially when children either live in or visit your home.
Quadra-Fire owners love their pellet stoves, and want to keep them operating at their best – and we’re here to help you do just that with a few quick tips for getting the most out of your pellet stove. (Of course, since some models can operate slightly differently, be sure to reference your owner’s manual for more information.)
Not all stoves are created equal, and we’re not just talking about looks. When buying a stove or insert, it’s important to choose one with a heating capacity that’s appropriate for your home. A hearth expert at your local Quadra-Fire dealer can help you, and will base his or her recommendations on several factors.
He lives in a town where the average date of the season's first measurable snow is September 30, and where the average winter temperature is -7.9°F. So, it’s safe to say that Clint Severns, fireplace installer at The Woodway Inc. in Fairbanks, Alaska, knows a few things about staying warm all winter long.
Safety needs to be top-priority around fireplaces – here’s what you need to know.
It seems like a simple thing to stack up firewood for the winter. But, like so many household chores, a bit of knowledge and some smart advance planning can make a big difference in your results.