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Quadra-Fire FireBrick® Gas Inserts are Better Than Ever

When you have a strong heritage of innovation like Hearth & Home Technologies, it can be a challenge to choose a top innovation to highlight in a blog. So we went with a recent product refresh that includes one of our most popular innovations, FireBrick®, because it deserves a hearty round of applause and plenty of (very warm!) recognition.

Quadra-Fire’s QFI35 and QFI30 FireBrick inserts recently underwent a full refresh to add some important new features. We’ll cover those in a moment, but first we want to spend a moment talking about FireBrick, which was introduced nearly 20 years ago before anyone was using fancy business words like “disruptor.”

How FireBrick Works

FireBrick is a patented, energy-saving ceramic material molded into an authentic masonry design.Its design and material retain and intensify the fire’s heat, producing 25 percent more radiant heat than traditional metal fireboxes. Here’s how Cari Rosendahl, our in-house expert on all things FireBrick, explains it: “We molded FireBrick from layered ceramic, and then formed it into a one-piece design that offers a seamless look and traps heat inside the firebox, radiating it back into the room. The result is a much warmer living space and increased fuel savings.”

Cari’s sentiments are echoed by her colleague Ken Gross, Quadra-Fire’s product manager. “FireBrick technology delivers the performance our customers expect,” said Ken. “The innovative design and seamless look of FireBrick is unique within the industry still today. We are the only manufacturer to offer it.”

While we’re always happy to share industry accolades like these, we’re happiest when we can share comments from real customers like, “It really keeps my house warmer” or “By golly, my heating bills ARE lower!”

FireBrick Gas Inserts Refresh

If you aren’t familiar with gas inserts, they are installed into an existing wood-burning fireplace to make it more energy efficient and beautiful. Direct vent gas inserts include two liners that run up through your existing chimney; one to bring fresh air into the insert for combustion, and the other to push byproducts of the fire outside the home. Before installation, a gas line needs to be run to the fireplace, along with a 110 outlet for power.

Recently, we added key features to our popular FireBrick inserts, the QFI35 and QFI30, making them even more attractive. In addition to all the benefits of FireBrick, we added our Intermittent Pilot Ignition (IPI) system, IntelliFire™ with a touch screen remote control, anti-reflective glass and ClearVue screens that allow the best view of the fire.

We also added three front choices to fit any décor, ranging from clean simple lines to a rugged scalloped iron look. The FireBrick inserts, which have a flush hearth design, are available in 30-inchor 35-inch models starting at $3,765 and $4,057 respectively.

“We took great products with one of our most popular innovations and made them even better,” said Rosendahl. “By adding the touch screen remote, glass and screen upgrades to these Quadra-Fire gas inserts, they are truly one-of-a-kind products.”

Winter is coming. Perhaps it’s time to transform your inefficient wood-burning fireplace into a heating powerhouse with this premium insert.

Learn more about Quadra-Fire gas inserts here.

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