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How To Maintain Your Quadra-Fire Wood Stove

To keep your wood stove running efficiently and safely, establishing a regular maintenance routine is a must. Whether you’re new to burning wood or just need a refresher on what to do when, the wood stove maintenance checklist below outlines everything you need to know to keep your stove operating in top form, from weekly tasks to annual to-dos.

As the old saying goes, “a clean stove is a happy stove.” A wood stove is a big investment that needs to be protected with a regular maintenance routine. By following these recommended procedures and methods, you can safely and efficiently heat your home with wood for years to come.

Weekly (or After Every 25 Loads of Wood)





Remove Ashes

Sweep and dispose into non-combustible container like a metal ash bucket or remove using a specialized ash vacuum.

Excessive ash build-up restricts firebox air flow around wood causing burn less efficiently.

Ashes must be completely cool before you can dispose of them in a non-combustible container.

Inspect Firebricks

After ashes are removed, inspect the firebrick and replace any that are crumbling, cracked or broken.

Firebrick is designed to protect your firebox and create hotter fire to allow stove to burn more efficiently.

Leave an 1/8-inch or ¼-inch bed of ashes on the bottom of your firebox to act as insulator.

Test Stove Door & Gasket

Place a dollar bill between the appliance and door and then shut the door. If you can pull the dollar out, remove one washer from door handle behind latch cam and try again. If you can still pull it out, replace the door gasket.

When gaskets harden over time, you lose a tight seal which allows unwanted air into the stove, which makes your wood burn fast and reduces the control.

Need to a replacement gasket? Contact your authorized Quadra-Fire dealer with the product number handy. (You can find that in your owner’s manual.)

Check Door Handle

Check the door latch for proper adjustment and the door handle for smooth operation.

This is especially important after the door rope (gasket) has formed to the appliance face.

Tightening your door is a straight-forward task. You’ll find instructions on how to tighten it in your installation manual.

Inspect Glass

Check the glass frame for loose screws and cracks.

Loose screws can mean air leakage and cracked glass can be dangerous.

To clean your stove’s glass without chemicals, dip a damp rag in ashes and use circular motions to remove the soot.

Monthly (or After Every Cord of Wood)

Inspect Baffle & Blanket

Make sure the baffle is pushed all the way to the back of the firebox and the blanket is lying flat. Inspect the baffle for cracks.

Baffle and blanket placement is critical to heat output, efficiency and overall life of the appliance.

Wear gloves when removing the blanket, as it can be a messy job. And be careful, because the blanket is fragile.

Every Year (or After Every 4 Cords of Wood)





Vacuum Fan

Vacuum the fan kit using a shop-vac.

Dust accumulation can cause a smelly burn and could contribute to the motor coming out of balance, which may cause a noise.

Be sure to unplug the blower from your power source before cleaning.

Inspect Chimney

Remove piece of pipe or check from rooftop. Excessive buildup or size of pipe hasn’t shrunk due to build-up.

Regular inspection of your chimney will prevent pipe blockage, poor draft and chimney fires.

To prevent cap blockage and creosote build-up, always burn dry wood. Some stove owners swear by burning a hot fire first thing in the morning, which helps move unpacked debris out of chimney and burns the soot off the glass.

Check your smoke detectors.

Make sure your home’s smoke detectors are working and equipped with new batteries, following manufacturer’s instructions for annual testing.

Chimney fires are dangerous and can cause damage to your home and injury to you and your family.

Consider installing a dual smoke and carbon monoxide detector for even more protection.

If you’ve misplaced your Owner’s Manual, you can access that information here.

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