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It’s true: You can save on fuel costs by investing in wood-burning stove. Instead of relying on a furnace to heat every inch of your home, you can lower your thermostat and rely on a wood stove to keep everyone cozy in high-use areas. You can even go furnace-free and use a stove to heat your entire living space! No matter what heating system you choose, in order to maximize your savings, it’s important to keep these cost-saving factors in mind. > Read More

There’s something nostalgic about burning wood in a fireplace. It’s a simple pleasure to be serenaded by the familiar crackling sound of wood burning while taking in woodsy aromas. But making time for it isn’t always so simple > Read More
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Think fireplaces are only for the living room? Think again. > Read More
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They’re a public art display, a personal flight of fancy and... http://www.quadrafire.com/Shopping-Tools/Blog/Wood-Piles-Gone-Wild.aspx > Read More

What to do with your fireplace during the warm season... > Read More
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