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Summer Is The Perfect Time For Fireplace Maintenance

As spring draws to an end, we know the sweltering summer heat is upon us. While the change in weather means you won’t be using your fireplace as often, it doesn’t mean you should forget about it until fall. Now is the perfect time to schedule annual maintenance and cleaning, and an even better time to finally replace that old wood burning fireplace with an easy-to-install gas fireplace insert.

Annual Maintenance

Once every year, call your Mendota Hearth dealer and schedule annual maintenance and cleaning for your fireplace (cleaning fees may apply). You can find a list of those nearest you on our website.

A professional maintenance person will inspect the valves in your fireplace, check for rust and leaks, and take a look in the vent to check for falling debris and animal nests. Not only will they ensure your fireplace is working safely, they’ll make sure it’s working at peak efficiency, helping you save on energy costs.


Mendota gas-burning fireplaces are much easier to maintain than wood burning units and pellet stoves. There’s no ash, soot or creosote to scrub, and best of all, no chimney to clean.

Still, your gas-burning fireplace will require some basic cleaning every now and again. During your hearth’s annual check-up, have your maintenance person clean the interior walls, dust and vacuum, and make your fireplace look brand-new.

Should You Keep Your Pilot Light On?

To save energy, many people turn their pilot lights off during the summer months. Although you may choose to do so, you can leave your pilot light on safely year-round. There are benefits to doing so, too:

  • Help keep moisture out of your hearth
  • Extend the life of your thermopile and thermocouple
  • Keep pests out of burner tubes

Replace Your Wood-Burning Fireplace With A Gas Insert

There are plenty of good reasons to swap out that outdated wood-burner with a clean and efficient gas fireplace insert. Get started on your project this summer, before demand for installations increase in early fall.

Visit our “Find A Dealer” page and schedule an appointment to get your low-maintenance, easy to operate gas-burning fireplace installed and ready for the cold weather season.

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