Efficient Gas Fireplaces

Imagine being able to start up a warm, relaxing fire at the touch of a button. No need to stack firewood or think about whether that log is seasoned properly.

The types and styles of gas fireplaces are as broad as your imagination. Do you want a traditional look? What about a sleek, modern design? How about a two-sided fireplace, or one at counter height?

Gas fireplaces can be easily controlled via a switch on the wall, or in some models, you have full command with a remote control from anywhere in the room. And they can operate on natural gas or propane.

Beyond beauty and convenience, gas fireplaces today are energy efficient heat sources that can save you money. Lower the thermostat for the whole house while staying cozy and warm in the family room, thanks to your gas fireplace.

Gas fireplaces are also great backup sources of heat during power outages when your furnace can't operate.

Thanks to our relationships with the nation's top manufacturers, you can select from countless options and styles. Visit our online showroom to see some ideas, or select a manufacturer below to learn more about the different options available.