Showcase Your Fireplace with a Great Selection of Accessories


A wood, gas or pellet fireplace or insert is often a signature showcase in your home. Selecting the accessories to adorn your fireplace further accentuates your style.

Today’s accessories combine form with function, such as glass doors that improve efficiency while making a fashion statement.

A beautiful frame for your fireplace, mantels help draw and keep the attention of visitors, and can range from understated to extravagant.

Wood mantels are constructed of wide pieces of solid hardwoods selected for consistent color and grain patterns.

A hand-cast concrete mantel can be as simple or complex as you’d like, making it ideal for contemporary fireplaces. It requires little maintenance beyond an occasional dusting, ages gracefully and is non-combustible, allowing you to work with designs that aren’t limited by clearance requirements.

Marble and granite fireplace mantels are available in a nearly endless array of colors, shades and patterns, and offer an excellent option for areas where you don’t want to — or cannot — paint, stain or use a faux finish.

Find out more about the mantel types available from our partner manufacturers by clicking on the links below.


Like a beautiful front door on a showcase home that makes a statement, glass doors for fireplaces allow a homeowner another opportunity to showcase their style while protecting children and pets from the fire. Glass doors also help to seal off the fireplace from the living area when not in use, so heat doesn’t escape in the winter, and air conditioned air is not lost in the summer.

Custom glass doors come in a broad range of styles, and clicking on the links below will provide an overview of the types of fireplace doors available from our partner manufacturers.