Keep your Quad running efficiently and safely with weekly, monthly and annual wood stove maintenance tasks.
A power outage can put your furnace out of commission, but many fireplaces and stoves can provide much-needed heat amidst the storm.
The basis of radiant heat is the sun itself – like the sun’s rays, radiant heat moves in straight lines warming all objects in its path which, in turn, act as small heat convectors and multiply the warmth.
It looks great, it matches perfectly with your décor and yes, everyone is going to love it. But before you start spending cozy evenings curled up in front of your beautiful new gas fireplace or insert, you need to run a quick “burn-off” cycle.
It’s easy to love fireplaces. They are the centerpieces of ambiance in our homes, and they warm our toes and our hearts too. But because they are self-contained and so easy to use, it’s possible to forget they produce fire and can get very hot – so an occasional safety reminder is important, especially when children either live in or visit your home.