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Are you getting the most out of your wood?

Are you choosing the right firewood to burn?
Are you choosing the right firewood to burn… If your main heating appliance is wood burning you want to make sure that you are g…etting the most out of your wood. Choosing the right wood to burn is essentia

Getting ready for winter

Looking for new ways to help you split wood easier?
if you are a wood stove owner than you know that means splitti…ng wood. Splitting wood can be a difficult and long task…de by people whom have ideas on how to split wood easier. Acquired from Quadra Fire

Storing Wood for Winter

Simple tricks to make storing and stacking wood easier!
Storing wood is a task that no wood stove owner likes doing…owing some simple tricks you can have better wood storing methods. This can allow for a better

Having fun with stacking wood

Check out these creative ways of stacking wood!
Check out these impressive wood piles… Stacking wood is a daunting task for most…Wood...

Wood Storage

Looking for ways to store your wood?
Storing wood is something that has been done the same way…r a new way to be creative with storing your woodcreative idea you come up with to stack your wood. Acquired from Heat