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Is your Wood Stove up to Snuff?

Winter is just around the corner and with the cold temperatures rolling in, you want to make sure that you are getting the most out of your wood stove.

Check out the Newest Edition to the Quadra Fire Family

For many years Quadra Fire has been building stoves that will heat your home efficiently, while also offering different options to fit everyone's lifestyles. Check out their newest edition to their stove line, the Discovery Series.
The newest edition to the Quadra Fire wood stove line is the Discovery Series. The… Discovery Series. Article Acquired form Quadra Fire

Getting the most out of your wood burning experience

Having a good wood burning appliance important, but so is the right type of wood.
ts with using the right wood. Our friends at Quadra Fire have given you some helpful tips on how to c

Are you getting the most out of your wood?

Are you choosing the right firewood to burn?
the article below. Article acquired from Quadra Fire

Lighting your pilot

Need help lighting your pilot light?
ake a look at this video from our friends at Quadra Fire

Storing Wood for Winter

Simple tricks to make storing and stacking wood easier!
o it dries better and so on. Acquired from Quadra Fire

Is your glass turning black?

Is the glass in your wood stove turning black?
these ideas given to us from our friends at Quadra Fire. If your glass continues to get black

Creating the best fire

Having a hard time getting your wood stove going?
Quadra fire has a few easy steps to follow to help you g

Wood Piles Gone Wild

They’re a public art display, a personal flight of fancy and...