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Give Your Brick Fireplace A Modern Update

Looking for ways to give your brick fireplace a modern update? With the holidays coming, make your brick fireplace the envy of your friends and family with these simple ideas.
ing for ways to update our brick fireplaces. Heat-n-Glo has some simple ideas to allow any homeowner…riends and family. Article Acquired from Heat-N-Glo

Replacing Your Smoke Detector

When was the last time you checked your smoke detector?
k below provided by one of our manufacturers Heat-n-Glo. Article Acquired from Heat

Get Inspired

Do you want to update or even add a fireplace to your home?
supplied to us by Heat-n-Glo to help get some inspiration before coming i…place of your dreams. Article acquired from Heat-n-Glo

Using Your Fireplace During The Summer

Are you looking for a way to take full use of your fireplace during the summer months?
n piece with these ideas from our friends at Heat-n-Glo to see if you can decorate your fireplace fo… Acquired from Heat-n-Glo

Wood Storage

Looking for ways to store your wood?
out some of these ideas from our friends at Heat-n-Glop with to stack your wood. Acquired from Heat-n-Glo

The battle between TV and Fireplace

TV vs Fireplace?
thanks to our friends at Heat-n-Glo we can see a few examples of the side by sid